Gestion Providentia, a trustworthy organization

Aurore Larkin, s.g.m.
Congregational Leader
The Grey Nuns of Montreal

“The Gestion Providentia team earned my trust through its attention to the people and human realities during a period of change. I felt great respect for the congregation through all of their management services.”

Rachelle Watier, s.c.o.
Superior General
The Sisters of Charity of Ottawa

“I was impressed by the variety of services offered by Gestion Providentia. When you use their services, you benefit from very skilled people. The organization’s components work in perfect harmony and result in a quality service that stands out through versatility that is both safe and reassuring.”

Gilles Rivard, f.c.
Regional Treasurer
The Brothers of Charity

“For me, Gestion Providentia means efficiency. No unnecessary detours, no empty promises, no wasted energy. We are moving forward in a positive way on a constantly lit path. We are getting right to the heart of things and meeting goals. It is refreshing and reassuring to work in a climate of mutual trust.”

Eily McAllister, s.c.s.l.
General Treasurer
The Sisters of Charity of Saint-Louis

“What I have gotten most out of my experience with Gestion Providentia is the quality of our ongoing relationship. We always feel supported thanks to constant follow-up, and we know where we are because we get regular reporting that is clear and precise. This is very reassuring.”