A leader in management and administration services for religious congregations and their work, Gestion Providentia is a highly qualified multidisciplinary team that can meet the challenges of the future. Our main focus is client satisfaction, as we devise innovative solutions to provide a comprehensive consulting and management service that helps our clients fulfill their missions, reach their goals, and meet the needs of their members.

Gestion Providentia is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 2015 to meet the needs of religious congregations.

Gestion Providentia

Strong support in times of change

The Gestion Providentia management team can support congregations and help them meet their specific changes.

  • Dealing with demographic and economic changes
  • Coming up with new management and governance methods
  • Involving lay people
  • Reflecting on mission sustainability
  • Coping with growing financial pressures
  • Applying innovative management of real estate heritage
  • Supporting daily administrative management